You might be staring at a blank page. You might be tasked with an empty space. Or maybe it’s a bustling street corner that confounds you — a gallery, a schoolyard, a Great Lake. If you have in your hands Ugly Duckling Presse’s Emergency INDEX, an annual anthology of performance documentation, you won’t be stumped for long. Editors Sophia Cleary and Yelena Gluzman have conceived this pleasingly chunky tome as a democratic “snapshot” of the wildly proliferating field of performance and its documentation. The three volumes published so far feature about 250 entries each. Open to any page and discover artists from around the world, creating performances of every caliber on every imaginable topic and in every conceivable space (like, yes, a lake). Each performance is represented by a photograph and a description by the artist/s of the project and its intentions. Thankfully, there is an index at the end of INDEX, allowing you to “sort” by subject (from abjection to Zucotti), contributor, or location (Argentina to Vietnam). The result is a rousing cacophony that feels like a global conversation minus the pretensions of conferences or festivals.”

— Sylvan Oswald, from “An Index to Index” OSMOS Magazine


Volume 4 of Emergency INDEX, documenting 196 performances made in 2014, is now available! Click on the image above for the list of Vol. 4 contributors and to order a copy.