Emergency INDEX is part of Ugly Duckling Presse's Emergency series of performance-related publications, which also includes Emergency Playscripts, eclectic performance notations which highlight tensions between text and performance, as well as the forthcoming Emergency Analysis series, annual monographs on performance from theorists outside the field.

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Emergency INDEX is

Yelena Gluzman and Sophia Cleary

Associate Editor
Katie Gaydos

Production Editor
Matvei Yankelevich

Contributing Editors

Luke Arnason
Adelaide Bannerman
Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland
Oron Catts
Corina Copp
Louise Hickman
Branislav Jakovljevic
Kristen Kosmas
Olga Kudrina
Claudia La Rocco
Anya Liftig
Caden Manson
Sawako Nakayasu
Esther Neff
Rob Ray
Ben Spatz
Sara Wintz

Volume 5 Editorial Intern
Claire LeDoyen

Partner Organizations*
Bodega Philadelphia
Grace Exhibition Space
Issue Project Room
Live Art Development Agency
Movement Research
NY Public Library of the Performing Arts
NYU Dept. of Performance Studies
Presentaatio ry (Finland)
Spread Art
* arts organizations and educational institutions where INDEX is displayed and made available for use to practitioners, students, scholars, or the general public

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